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Webster Hall, New York.

Celebrating the

World's Most Creative Minds. 

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Where top creatives and designers unite to unleash

Presented by Motionographer, F5 is a creative festival founded on the belief that true change occurs when you look outside your world and explore new horizons. The festival

fosters creative collisions ‐ unexpected insights from sources you didn't see coming. The goal is nothing less than to change the way you think about your work and your life.

About F5

F5 is a cutting-edge festival exploring the intersection of art, design and entertainment.

F5 brings together the thinkers and doers that are breaking ground and shaping new standards in media and design, becoming the essential meeting point for future-minded individuals with the power to create lasting change.

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Meet the Experience

Think, Talk,

Connect and Repeat.

The two-day festival gathers filmmakers, digital artists, photographers, producers, interactive designers, Motion Designers, graphic designers, agency executives, visual effects experts, musicians and industry visionaries—to name only a few. In short, F5 is unexpected and profound.

F5 Speakers

The Best The Brightest.

Speakers come to F5 not only to share their latest works and encourage discussion but also to artistically explore in this limit-free environment. They do so while mingling with the audience; thus creating the uniquely profound gathering that makes F5 what it is.